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The most powerful tool to change the world is communication.



Ideas. Innovation. Impact.


In a market poor on effectiveness measurement, we set ourselves the goal to be the best and most effective communications company in the region. That meant changing both the conversation about advertising and our approach to developing communications solutions.


We apply globally proven planning tools and methodologies – the same tools that help make global brands successful as well as finding – and if necessary creating – appropriate measurement tools. We are driven to deliver value to our clients’ brands.


To quote David Ogilvy – if it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.


Strategic. Detailed. Accurate.


Creativity without strategy? Not in our thinking. We believe communication must be both right and brilliant. Right with the correct strategy and brilliant by an attention to creative excellence.


It is why IOM has the most insightful and intuitive Brand Strategy & Planning team in the region. Which means that everything we do is supported by thorough research, in-depth analysis, a robust methodology and a meticulous thought-process.


And why everything we embark upon is with passion of our team’s inherent creativity and boundless imagination all are geared towards developing ground-breaking communications solutions.


Whether it’s brand positioning or media investment, our solutions must leave a legacy that benefits your business while making something beautiful to change the game.


Digital is now traditional


That’s why we have dedicated, in-house, digital development capability with understanding of the bigger picture to produce code that drives communication in this ever-evolving technological landscape. From developing mobile solutions to interactive websites to social media listening tools to strategy development, content production and curation, we ensure that our clients are able to harness the pervasive power of digital.